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Macbook Screen Repairs

We know the importance of your Laptop and how much you use it day in and day out.

Our experienced technicians have repaired hundreds of laptop screens over the past few years.

Same Day Macbook Screen Repairs

We are one of the few IT repair shops in Brisbane that offer repairs on Microsoft Surface Pro devices, and we have an extraordinary success rate doing it. Not only are we one of the few repairer in Brisbane, we are the only repairer who offers same day repairs.

While your device is having the screen repaired, did you know that we can also upgrade many common components in the device at the same time? Give your Laptop upgraded storage and get it back good as new. In many current models we are able to upgrade both the Hard Drive storage and also the RAM (Memory) to give your device more storage space and more power to handle applications and more internet browser tabs at one time.

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    Apple Macbook & iMac Repairs and Upgrades

    Our experienced technicians have repaired and upgraded hundreds of Apple devices including all current MacBooks, MacBook Pro & iMac models.

    If you aren’t sure what upgrades are available for your model Apple device, get in touch and we can answer your questions.


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