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Soft Activity Computer Monitoring

Monitor employee computers on your company network. Problems at the office? Employees shopping on eBay or wasting time on Facebook? Doing everything but working? Soft Activity puts a stop to it, right now.

Increase employee productivity and prevent IP theft.

If your staff think they can goof off when you’re not looking over their shoulder. Well no more Mr. Nice Guy. Keep an eye on trouble makers, whether they’re at their desk or working from home.

Complete monitoring with screenshots, attendance, visited websites and most used applications. Record everything.

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    Take back control of your staff

    Monitor employees computers & user sessions.

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    Remote Support

    Our technicians can quickly and easily resolve most issues with remote access to your computer and systems. This can save valuable time and money while minimising downtime for your business.

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    IT Systems Review

    Comprehensive IT Systems Review for Business’ across South East Queensland. Our team will dive deep into your IT Infrastructure and systems to pinpoint what makes your business tick.

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