IT Services

Email & Website Design

Highly available, Private & Secure Brisbane based servers with 24/7 Uptime Monitors.
Basic Web-based emails, Hosted Microsoft Exchange or even Office 365.

ABL IT also offer fully customized website designs with content management and search engine optimisation built at truly affordable prices for small business.

Helpdesk Support

High quality and reliable help desk support via Phone, Email, Remote Assistance or Onsite Technical Support.

Helpdesk Ticketing system available to provide faster response times and monthly reporting of helpdesk statistics.

Email with your support request.

Private Cloud Servers

A new secure & innovative IT solution enabling business’ to be more efficient and cost effective than ever before.

High performance servers ideal for Real Estate (Console), Medical Practices (Medical Director & My Practice) and almost any business that utilise Myob, Quicken or any SQL Database driven system.

  • Access from anywhere in the world, any time of day, from almost any internet connected device;
  • Pooled IT resources (files, storage, software, security);
  • Flexible and Scalable to meet specific business demands;

Physical Servers

New installations and upgrades of existing Server equipment, configured for maximum performance and staff efficiency.

Optimize existing infrastructure or overhaul with new equipment, ABL IT offer cost-effective and extremely reliable systems to keep business’ running at optimal.

Network & Infrastructure

Lack of clear and concise cable management within business premises can cause major headaches if not installed and managed correctly.

ABL IT install centralized data cabinets with clearly marked networking equipment including Switches, Firewalls, Servers & other network devices.

Hardware / Software

ABL IT deliver the latest hardware and software sales, upgrades and service for Laptops, Desktop Computers, Tablets and Applications.

We also provide the support link for 3rd party applications installed in business environments including Console, Myob, MyPractice and many other industry specific applications.

VoIP Phone Systems

Implementing VoIP phone systems with highly configurable technology including: Call Queues, Line Hunt and Network powered Handset Devices.

1300 numbers, 1800 numbers, Interactive Voice Response (automatic call answering), Call Monitoring, Reporting and Recording.

Easily transfer calls to other phones or even mobiles and staff who are on the road.

Common Tech Problems

My Emails Aren’t Working!

This is an exhausting comment that we hear all too often in the industry.

It is quite common to find business’ struggling with their current email systems which often times are simply the wrong configuration or perhaps even an out-of-date and inadequate mail system.

ABL IT specialise in Hosted Microsoft Exchange email systems and also have extensive experience with Microsoft Office 365.


Time to resolve this type of issue is generally under 12 hours.

Viruses & Bugs!

Viruses is another common problem that we run across. Many customers that call might say they have annoying ads popping up in the browser or their computer is “so slow”.
This can be caused by lack of security software on the PC and virus & malware being able to get through. We offer virus removal and future proofing protection options.


Time to resolve this type of issue is generally under 12 hours.

Accidentally Deleted Files

Do you have backups of your most important data?

What happens if you have a failure in your system or a virus infection stops you from viewing years of work or photos? You could spend days or weeks trying to recover your files and potentially still not retrieve all of your files, if any.

At ABL IT we offer offsite backups of your business critical files and information knowing that your information is secure and safe.


Time to resolve this type of issue is generally under 24 hours.

Slow Internet

A poorly designed network or internet connection can cause havoc on business performance and staff efficiency.

If your office is running off WIFI try moving to a cabled Ethernet connection. The WIFI might be congested or failing. ABL IT offer business grade networking equipment and business grade SHDSL internet connections to improve overall business performance.

Help Desk

Please send an email to our helpdesk and we will get back to you asap.

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