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Fully synchronised Emails, Calendars, Contacts and more between all of your business devices. Utilising Microsoft Office 365 Servers, get the best of both worlds with complete data security and seamless synchronisation. Meaning your data is more secure and available than ever before.

Seamless synching between all of your devices. Without the hassle.

Microsoft Office 365 comes in a wide range of packages to suit each and every individual business. Contact our team to discuss the needs of your business, and we can tailor a package right for you.

Need Email Hosting Only? Or perhaps you are looking for the complete Microsoft Office package as well? We can tailor packages to suit any size business. In addition to this – we utilise Business Grade Spam Filters that attach to Office 365, for the best protection.

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    Our technicians can quickly and easily resolve most issues with remote access to your computer and systems. This can save valuable time and money while minimising downtime for your business.

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    Staff Monitoring

    Using Soft Activity’s Computer Monitoring Software, increase employee productivity and prevent IP theft from your business systems. Take back control of your business.

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    We pride ourselves on providing complete solutions for businesses.

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