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ABL IT offer Secure Backup Systems and Automate the daily grind so that Backup Hard Drives no longer need to be manually taken out of the office.

Scheduled System Backups can run while the Servers or Workstations are still running, with no effect on staff productivity. These backups can be set to run on an extremely strict schedule with the smallest time period being every 15 minutes.

Backups can then be scheduled to upload to ABL IT’s secure Servers offsite via the internet to ensure your data is kept backed up, outside of the office, at all times.

Store your data offsite, with no effort.

ABL IT utilise a number of different software’s and approaches when it comes to automating digital backups, whether that be file & folder based backups or complete system images.

Shadowprotect StorageCraft, Hyper-V Replication and Veeam are a few of the packages used to ensure your data is kept safe at all times.

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